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June 17, 2023 in Potomac, MD

Recovering Wonder: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

A one-week summer pilgrimage and theology conference, for Catholic and Catholic-friendly truth seekers. Apologetics presentations will be combined with liturgy, meditations, discussions and tours of religious art and architecture. Presented by The Apologetics Institute and the Pontifical University Santa Croce.

May 31 – June 8, 2024 in Rome
Full package: $2850
Ground package, without airfare: $1450

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Recovering Wonder: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

Why an Apologetics Conference?  Three reasons:

  1. Refresh and deepen our grasp of the truths of faith;
  2. Enhance our ability and boldness to communicate and defend our Catholic faith and moral teachings.
  3. Be spiritually invigorated with a week of discussion, liturgy, Christian fellowship and immersion in the glories of Rome, the very heart of Christianity.

The darkness we face as Christ’s followers today is all too apparent. In a 1981 address, St. John Paul II said:

“We find today a growing tendency toward atheism and skepticism. There is widespread uncertainty concerning morality itself. In the wake of this ignorance has come the disintegration of the family and the wholesale deterioration of the Christian way of life. A dangerous trend of ideas and practices conspires to stiffly the expression of Christian life in society.”

We are fully aware of the challenges we face in this neo-pagan world, but what can we do? St. Josemaria urges us on –to be prepared, to be brave, to fight for the truth and make Christ known. See his words in Forge, #715:

“We children of God, who are citizens with the same standing as any others, have to take part fearlessly in all honest human activities and organizations, so that Christ may be present in them. Our Lord will ask a strict account of each one of us if through neglect or love of comfort we do not freely strive to play a part in the human developments and decisions on which the present and future of society depend.”

Program Highlights

Countering today’s pervasive culture of atheism

Fr. John Wauck

The Wonder of the Incarnation. Appreciating the Humanity of Christ.

Fr. Paul O’Callahan

The Wonder of the Sacrament of Confession

Prof. Jeffrey Morrow

The Wonder of the Holy Eucharist, part 1: The prefiguring of the Eucharist in the Old Testament: the sacrificial banquet.

Prof Jeffrey Morrow

The Wonder of the Holy Eucharist, part 2: The Eucharist as the source and summit of the Christian Life

Prof Jeffrey Morrow

Commentary on “The Didache” (the oldest extant catechism)

Prof. Jim Papandrea

The week will be rich in the spirit of pilgrimage. Participants will visit the sites — in Rome and nearby towns — related to the seminar lectures. There will be daily opportunities to explore archeological treasures and pray at shrines that were important to the early Christians. Engaging the senses is key to forming a Catholic imagination and cultivating a deep sense of history.

Holy Mass, the Rosary and prayer time will be available daily.

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The conference is sponsored by The Formation Foundation, in partnership with the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

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