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June 17, 2023 in Potomac, MD

Recovering a Lost Anthropology: a seminar on the Church Fathers

A summer conference for English-speaking Catholic men, scholars, and theologians from around the world presented by the Apologetics Institute and The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

June 4-11, 2022 in Rome

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Grow your understanding of Catholic teachings and enhance your ability to defend the truth

Our religion depends on memory. To keep our faith alive, we need to ever renew, refresh and re-live the memories of the Magnalia Dei, the magnificent works of God.

“Therefore brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word or by our letters.”

St. Paul, Thessalonians 2:15

We will read and discuss selected writings of the Church Fathers on key doctrines of our faith and explore the treasures of sacred art. Thereby we will enliven our faith, rediscover our identity in Christ, appreciate the historicity of our Church, and be newly empowered as disciples to draw others to Christ: “You are the light of the world.”

We look forward to an enlightening and inspiring week.

Program Highlights

Apologetics Today: Countering an Atheistic Culture; Rediscovering the Mystery of Christ

Fr. John Wauck

School of Communications, PUSC
The Anthropology of Man and Woman; The Divine Gift of Marriage

Fr. Robert Gahl

Department of Moral Theology, PUSC
Conversion to a New Life in Christ with Baptism; The Living Christ – in the Eucharist and in the Church – Mary as the New Eve

Prof. Jeffrey Morrow

Department of Theology, Seton Hall University
The Christian Anthropology of St. Augustine

Fr. Paul O’Callahan

Department of Dogmatic Theology, PUSC
Confronting the Pagan World; The Conversion Experience and Evangelizing Impulse of the First Christians; the Universal Call to Holiness in Ordinary Life

Mike Aquilina

Author, St. Paul Center of Biblical Studies
Defending Catholic Truths in the Media Today

Marco Carroggio

Professor School of Communications, PUSC
Appreciating the Art Treasures of the Catholic Church

Prof. David Alvis

Professor of Government at Wofford College
Appreciating the Wisdom of Dante

Matias Sur

Ph.D. candidate, Duke

The week will be rich in the spirit of pilgrimage. Participants will visit the sites — in Rome and nearby towns — related to the seminar lectures. There will be daily opportunities to explore archeological treasures and pray at shrines that were important to the early Christians. Engaging the senses is key to forming a Catholic imagination and cultivating a deep sense of history.

– Mike Aquilina, who regularly leads tours in and around Rome

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The conference is sponsored by The Formation Foundation, in partnership with the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

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